Sorry for bad update

Hey, I'm sorry for my really sucky update, but I don't have much to write... each and every day, my owner is working on my outfits and my looks, so hopefully you'll se pics of me later. I promise you, when we're back from New York, I'll be in almost every pic!
For now, this will have to do... :)


I'm gonna call it a night... so it's just to put on my cozy pajama and hit the bed! I'll hear from you!

Kinda done..?

So, I'm done with the design. Now all I have to do is wait for readers n.n
I'll write tomorrow probably.

Hey there!

Hi, I'm a doll and I'm customized as Bill Kaulitz by my owner. That's why I got the name Bill.
I'm a sweet Taeyang-doll, completely handmade by my dear owner. But I'm not really finished yet, and that's why you can't see any pictures of me.
I live in Sweden, but I wanted my life as a doll to be visible and understandable for all countries, so that's why my blog is in English.
As soon as I'm done with my looks and the blog, there will be heaps of pics!
Stay updated!

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