Now I just got my manicure from my owner! My nails looked terrible before but now they look good! But dammit, I can't get a good picture. Besides, I'm naked anyways... :)

Just playing

Today I'm just gonna play with my black permanent marker, and see what happens. And not on myself of course, I'm gonna do it on the ugly Barbies that lies in a box hidden under the bed... haha!

New design

Yeah, me and my owner are finished with the design! I'm satisfied!

Felt for a change

Since my last header was soooo boring, my owner made me a new one! It's still not me on the picture, but as soon as I feel for it, I will take a picture of me as a header. But atm, I love this one!

Hey world...

I do live... just that I haven't updated since my owner went to USA.
Well... I'm starting to look like me again. Soon I have tattoos also! I'm so excited!!
Well, we better start cutting my hair, I'm dead nervous!!

Oh just perfect...

... or not. Guess what? Tomorrow we were supposed to go to NY and Miami. And I'm sick. Like really sick. I look so pale and I feel like dying. So they're going without me. How fun. But my owners granny comes over to watch over me. At least I'm not completely alone. Got the other stuffed, pretty animals. But I feel like lying in bed. All week. All life maybe..? Wish me better, please. :C

Ah. My. Gosh.

The marker-pen I'm using to color my hair stopped working so now my hair looks... like dark grey. I have to fix it, gooosh. I have to look perfect for NY... but I'm confident I will, because I'm Bill. And I always pull it off. Effortlessly graceful.

When life gets you down

... you should listen to great music.
Right now, I'm sitting with things that will color my hair black! At first, I had superblonde hair, like platina... silver more likely. And now I've started to color it black. And cutting it right. Because my wig is glued to my head... haha.
My owner has heaps of studying to do, so there will unfortunately be no pics of me... but, hold on, I guess..?

Heaps of snow!!

Up here in Sweden, it's so much snow that I barely can see out through the windows. God, I've never seen this much snow!! It's crazy and all the buses are cancelled, so there's no possibility to get anywhere today for most of the population. Really sucks, but now I have the whole day to spend with my owner, and maybe work on my makeup...

Sorry for bad update

Hey, I'm sorry for my really sucky update, but I don't have much to write... each and every day, my owner is working on my outfits and my looks, so hopefully you'll se pics of me later. I promise you, when we're back from New York, I'll be in almost every pic!
For now, this will have to do... :)


I'm gonna call it a night... so it's just to put on my cozy pajama and hit the bed! I'll hear from you!

Kinda done..?

So, I'm done with the design. Now all I have to do is wait for readers n.n
I'll write tomorrow probably.

Hey there!

Hi, I'm a doll and I'm customized as Bill Kaulitz by my owner. That's why I got the name Bill.
I'm a sweet Taeyang-doll, completely handmade by my dear owner. But I'm not really finished yet, and that's why you can't see any pictures of me.
I live in Sweden, but I wanted my life as a doll to be visible and understandable for all countries, so that's why my blog is in English.
As soon as I'm done with my looks and the blog, there will be heaps of pics!
Stay updated!

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